Redefine 'paying'

Use SMART Direct Debits
Controlled, Friction- & Effortless
An app that lets you share debit cards.


Fully in control of who has access to your account. Limit the amount, time and place or set your own additional boundaries.


Instant payment, instant settlement. Deals are set and done. Never having to with deal with bounces or reversals.


Never ever worry again if you will get repaid or that you have to sent out reminders. Simply pay directly from someone else's account instantly.


With FWDpay you can simply request and create mandates,
that enable you to get or give limited, restricted access to bank accounts.

Keep yourself updated

A step forward with FWDpay

FWDpay is a concept with good potential and we would like to continue working with you to refine it.

Christian Michael Bornfeld - Chief Innovation & Technology Officer and Executive Board member at ABN AMRO Bank

I'm pleased to see that FWDpay really utilizes all that can be done with bunq's API. Its a very creative approach.

Ali Niknam - CEO bunq, bank of the free

Interesting development ahead and in line with new regulation.

Paul Alfing - Senior Consultant Retail Payments Advisory Group

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